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9.93 63 207
A fantasy wolf rpg with a unique plot and available canons. Comments
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Demonic Possession
10.00 61 130
Demonic Possession is a wolf rp website, age 13+ is recommended. Advance towards a world plunged in chaos, choose your fate for your life depends on it. Comments
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6.00 58 124
IF ALL ELSE FAILS is an advanced stray canine RPG with a word-count of 300 words, and a very active, fun community! Enter a world where humans have destroyed themselves entirely in the aftermath of another world war, thus allowing those of the canine spec Comments
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NR 57 29
Duodecim is a semi-realistic, literate, wolf role playing site. In a land where humans are non existent, rises the Wolf. Will you plunge into the world of Duodecim? Comments
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Once Upon a Canine
7.00 57 226
In a land of limitless imagination, a new world is created, the world everyone remembers left behind due a to a horrid curse. No matter the way of your past life, each character now can lead the life they wished, as a new beginning shines through. Don't Comments
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Wolf Attraction
8.83 56 450

Wolf Attraction is a Modern Day Elemental Wolf site. Set on Victoria Island in North Canada. Can you survive living in one of the three packs, or will you take your chances being a lone wolf?
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Uccello River Pack
NR 56 46
You tamper with darkness, and you become engrossed in it.. You must find a way to destroy the one creating it. Comments
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The Land of Arukia
9.67 55 156
The Land of Arukia is a semi realistic roleplay site, open to any level of player. Although wolves are its primary creature, we do have other creatures available COME JOIN THE FUN!! Comments
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10.00 52 21
Artena offers 16 free to play species with a warm community. We are open to all and hope to see YOU among our ranks! Comments
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10.00 51 153
All are welcome at Ravensvair: a semi-realistic wolf rpg with a history. With origins steeped in tradition, the new wolves of Ravensvair must pick up the pieces following a great rebellion. Do they? Comments
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Heroes and Legends
10.00 50 102

Heroes and Legends pack is a semi-fantasy, active wolf roleplay that is fairly new. We aim to be a fun and friendly place to hang out and we are always accepting new members. We accept beginners to advanced roleplayers in our forums, and all kinds of uniq
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The Black Earth
9.50 49 55
The earth was ravaged by fire, destroying the human race. Now wolves reign; however their DNA was mutated and strange powers and colors now appear in these wolves. Comments
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Primes and Shadows Pack
10.00 48 160
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Something Catchy
7.62 44 552

An all animal roleplaying and general discussion site. All levels accepted! Friendly staff and amazing members. ^^
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Silent Ones Pack RPG
7.11 42 385
Silent Ones Pack is a fun, realistic wolf RPG. Has been open since the beginning of fall. We follow a code called REGEL, and never disobey our code. Comments
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Silver Moon Pack
7.00 42 137
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Wolf Valley
10.00 42 87

Realistic, semi-literate wolf forum roleplay. Just opened! We have four packs and five different beautiful locations for you to roleplay in. We also have an exciting new plot!
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10.00 42 58
Visit the lands of the six deities, who have gifted the wolves below with abilities and attributes, thrown into chaos that the same gods have ripped apart. Comments
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Para Bellum
NR 40 68
para bellum is an original based wolf and other animal role play where you can also play a lynx, fox, and other zoo animals! We are super friendly and can't wait to role play with you! Comments
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Disturbed Silence
3.50 38 364
Disturbed Silence has been running since June of 2010. We're a very developed wolf RP site. We are made up of very skilled RPers that would love some new friends. Comments
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Blue Haven Falls
5.50 38 149
Blue Haven Falls is a friendly wolf RP group for ages 13+. Hidden within the Machu Picchu ruins in Peru lies the Blue Haven Falls Pack. The Blue Haven Falls pack was said to have disappeared years ago, when truthfully they had found a way to conceal thems Comments
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NR 37 56
Brand new fantasy wolf RP with fully customizable characters, elemental powers, animal sidekicks, and a genuine love for writing and creativity. Comments
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Vanish at the World
NR 37 0
Being updated Comments
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NR 36 82
A new wolf roleplay site, this is a literate and realistic roleplay about two rival packs who may have more in common than they realise. Comments
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Civilized Savagery
4.00 36 149
Int-adv realistic wolf role play Comments
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