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Wolves of the Moon: Rebirth
4.00 104 590
Wolves of the Moon: Rebirth is a new RPG that is looking for both new and experienced role players. We have plenty of high spots open in all packs. Comments
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10.00 96 47
Chrysalis is a semi-fantasy play-by-post wolf RPG site with an emphasis on character achievement, development, and evolution. Enter as a normal wolf and earn special mutations like horns, antlers, and wings as you play! With a word count of 200, Chrysalis Comments
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Silenced V2
10.00 95 121
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The DawnRunners Wolfpack
8.20 93 131
The DawnRunners wolfpack, is a semi-realistic roleplay pack, that is situated on IRC. We believe in strong bonds through roleplay and ooc alike. Active members, and always recruiting for more. Interested in a different way of roleplay? Join us! Comments
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10.00 86 29
Disgraced is a semi-realistic wolf role play that takes place in a land called Illepidam Regnum, often referred to as the Graceless Kingdom. Taking place shortly after a war, the packs beyond the mountains and outer lands have all been disbanded and are l Comments
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NR 86 8
We are a play by post semi-fantasy wild canine RPG. Let your imagination run rampant, engaging in an immersive community of intermediate to advanced writers. Start your journey as a Biandri native, or cross the threshold into an entirely new world, gainin Comments
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A Shattered World
1.00 85 92
Dogs have lived peacefully with their owners. But when humans are killed off, they are exposed to the hungry wild animals such as wolves and coyotes that are moving in to take over. Who will win? Comments
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5.50 84 690
The silhouette seemed to change before your eyes. The glowing orbs bounced the the consuming darkness. Fantasy Wolf Role-play // Multiple Packs // Chosen Abilities Comments
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Shadows on the Island
NR 82 96
SOTI is a site where you can choose to be a human or an animal. Animals and humans can speak to one another as just another added mystery of an island unknown, lost within the Bermuda Triangle Comments
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10.00 82 22
Twisted is a new fantasy RPG, with multiple breeds to choose from. With each having their own special abilities. Stray down the path of an angel, demon, or something else. Comments
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7.00 82 65
Verenhukka, meaning Blood loss, is a brand new (April 2015) realistic wolf site with features such as a shop, a random events account, opportunities for expansion of territories and high content writing bound to become a spot to feel comfortable and unlea Comments
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10.00 81 104
An advanced, fantasy wolf roleplay Comments
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When The Music Stops
10.00 75 115
Red Rock Rise is the perfect sanctuary for the dogs that have been driven out of their former homes among the humans. But the wolf pack lives doesn’t take kindly to the news. Comments
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canine conspiracy
NR 72 262

a brand new canine site set in the present day santa barbara. after a mysterious illness is released into the world, humans begin dying off one by one.
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Mendoze V2
4.00 68 317
Divided. Leaderless. Two packs are all that are left of an Empire and the forest animals are taking advantage of it. Comments
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The Four Clans RPG
NR 66 72
An immersive, active role-play website based on the Warriors series by Erin Hunter with a unique twist.
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Uccello River Pack
NR 66 54
You tamper with darkness, and you become engrossed in it.. You must find a way to destroy the one creating it. Comments
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Elemental Balance
NR 65 45
Elemental Balance is a brand new fantasy post-by-post wolf roleplay set five centuries in the future in a fantasy land named Eleppi. Comments
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9.90 65 599
Thrill is a brand new realistic wolf RP site with a nice layout and three main packs Comments
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9.93 63 218
A fantasy wolf rpg with a unique plot and available canons. Comments
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Demonic Possession
10.00 61 141
Demonic Possession is a wolf rp website, age 13+ is recommended. Advance towards a world plunged in chaos, choose your fate for your life depends on it. Comments
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NR 58 39
Duodecim is a semi-realistic, literate, wolf role playing site. In a land where humans are non existent, rises the Wolf. Will you plunge into the world of Duodecim? Comments
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6.00 58 133
IF ALL ELSE FAILS is an advanced stray canine RPG with a word-count of 300 words, and a very active, fun community! Enter a world where humans have destroyed themselves entirely in the aftermath of another world war, thus allowing those of the canine spec Comments
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Once Upon a Canine
7.00 57 232
In a land of limitless imagination, a new world is created, the world everyone remembers left behind due a to a horrid curse. No matter the way of your past life, each character now can lead the life they wished, as a new beginning shines through. Don't Comments
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Wolf Attraction
8.83 56 461
Wolf Attraction is a Modern Day Elemental Wolf site. Set on Victoria Island in North Canada. Can you survive living in one of the three packs, or will you take your chances being a lone wolf? Comments
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