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Seventh Primeval
8.42 274 1273
A horror wolf pack roleplay based off the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent by Frictional Games. Three automated monster accounts to always keep members on their toes! Many plots and very active! Comments
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7.75 271 94
Ardent is a semi-realistic wolf roleplaying site. We are highly member-driven and offer a wide array of packs and world events to keep things exciting! Comments
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The Seasonal Trackers Pack
8.53 262 587
Forum based in role-playing as a wolf of the pack or a loner. We've many forums to RP and other entertaining things related or not with wolves! Comments
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Haven's Grove
7.57 251 924
Semi-Realistic LITERATE Wolf RPG site! We've recently changed our layout and now have all 3 packs open as well as over 27+ areas to RP in! Come join us! Comments
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Vanish at the World
10.00 237 67
VATW is a semi-realistic, sci-fi, multi-species wolf roleplay with the thirst for adventure and new members! We are fairly new and hope to expand our community over time, and we welcome you! We have a word count requirement of 200+ words and are willing t Comments
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Remnants of Shadow
9.23 225 1019
ROS is a friendly, active semi-realistic wolf RP for moderate-advanced roleplayers(13+) with diverse plotlines and packs. Join us now, while it's easy, as we're currently under construction! Comments
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Memento Mori
8.72 218 701
The time has come, we have forgotten that we too bleed, that we feel pain. Now, we must remember those mortal justices as vices that we too keep. Remember, Guardians, remember we must die. Comments
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9.85 211 515
Kylarad, a thriving red wolf pack, is a semi-lit RP for all levels. We welcome everyone with good intentions, and can guide you through life as a wolf. Will you choose Lycaon, or Kylarad? Comments
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NR 207 3
A post apocalyptic forum based fantasy Wolf RP with magic, mutations, and four distinct species. Comments
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Were the World Mine
5.50 206 267
A dark fantasy wolf rp. In the beginning, there was death... everyone, everything... the sickness that's driving us mad was... is... all around. There's no escaping this. Madness is not a state of being. Madness is a place. Shall you go there? Comments
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9.53 205 31
Semi-fantasy, freeform all animal RPG. Low sentence post minimum, IC group and character design flexibility, welcoming community, and all RP styles welcome. Comments
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Canis Major
NR 200 87
Easy-going Wolf RPG. Intrusion fantasy. Dream world setting. No activity requirement. Player-based plot and setting. Continuously improved. Comments
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NR 193 0
Anschen is a semi-realistic canine and feline literate roleplay.
We have no set plot, but avenues in which members can form their own.
Friendly, Member driven site.
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Live The Worldwide - Multiple RPG
9.82 191 170
We are mainly a wolf based RP community. Aside from that, we also offer different types of RPS for those of you that would like a little something different every once and a while. Comments
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Origin Wolves v2
8.10 172 407
Welcome to Origin. A free form, play-by-post fantasy wolf roleplay. We have a word count of 200, and we accept intermediate to advanced roleplayers who are thirteen years of age or older only. Comments
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Wolves of Sikhote Alin
9.18 147 70
In the primitive wilderness of the Sikhote-Alin Reserve in Primorsky Krai, Russia, wolves are a scarcity. Once, before the recent arrival of brave, selfless wanderers, there were canine inhabitants here, too -- equal in their brave and selfless nature. Th Comments
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10.00 143 175
Fantasy wolf roleplay with unique species and interesting plot. Huge community of active roleplayers. New plots and events monthly. Comments
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4.00 142 476
Incendio is a literate-advanced mostly realistic wolf role-play site. There are 2 packs within the valley, 15+ locations to role-play, player-on-player and site-wide plots. Comments
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9.26 132 341
A PG13 fantasy/mythology wolf site where the Sun God and the Moon Goddess are in a struggle for immortality against the Time God. Comments
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Into The Myst
5.25 132 97
Pass through the myst, and into the Realm, where a single character can affect an age-old war. Earn points by posting, and use them- or don't- on unique features and talents. Most of all, have fun! Comments
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Stranger v3
8.83 128 777
After a long hiatus Stranger is finally back! Better than ever! We are a realistic wolf rpg with a unique companion system, a 200 word min, and a very welcoming community! *Alpha Auditions Now Open!* Comments
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9.00 123 167
Ravensbruck is slavery wolf rpg that has been growing steadily. We are an intermediate rpg with a 300 word post minimum. Comments
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Moon-Star Wolves III
8.00 114 443
War is a breath away as the tensions between two packs soar. One Alpha has been kidnapped, and those left behind may fight to free him - or fight for the space left behind. What is your ambition? Comments
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10.00 110 203
Wolf is a semi-realistic wolf role-playing game focused on three principles: simple, casual, fun. Features include experience points, skill levels, health bars and more! Comments
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Wolves Of Chandra
9.29 106 141
Wolves of Chandra is a semi-realistic-literal role play site with two packs. It is for all levels of role play from beginner-advanced. Under the Moon we run wild and free. Comments
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